A Message from our CEO

We all have roles to play in delivering healthier, safer, and more productive building environments. Innovative technology is our specialty, yet helpfulness is a human attribute that is found in the DNA of every WellStat employee.

All of us at WellStat stand ready to assist you, as building operators that require trust, value, and expertise from their vendors.

As we look towards the future, we endeavor to continue our advancement of leading ESG software and technology to make your buildings run safer, healthier, efficiently,  and better than ever.

Chris Ziccardi


Chris is the CEO of WellStat. His work with the NYC Commercial Office market started at Integrated Energy Services, LLC (iES) with the development of The Energy Desk, a real-time utilities, energy, and grid relationship management platform that helps commercial real estate owners and managers proactively manage their energy costs.

Today, Chris leads the company’s advancement of software and technology solutions, and sets the overall strategic vision for growth. In June 2019, iES acquired MACH Energy, an award-winning Energy Management Platform. Chris has since merged the best technologies and features of both companies to form WellStat.  He has been working tirelessly with his growing team in fulfilling the WellStat mission that truly creates and empowers intelligent spaces.

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