Another Satisfied Customer: Lessons from Net Promoter Score

February 16, 2023

At MACH Energy, our goal has always been to provide our customers with a modern, intuitive energy management software in order to help commercial building management save time and money…and generally to make their job easier!

We often hear positive market feedback but quantifying and summarizing this data can be challenging.   It also can be difficult to see the full picture, as people may be reluctant to disclose frustrations in person or on the phone.  In an effort to better understand our customers’ satisfaction with our energy monitoring system, we initiated our first Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey.

The NPS system is a customer service and satisfaction metric that allows companies to see what their customers think about their user experience. The program enables software and other companies to monitor customer satisfaction, respond to feedback, and improve the product or user experience.  

Survey says…

Happily, we found the scores mirrored anecdotal evidence with the MACH Energy NPS score consistently 60+.  Over 50 is considered excellent and over 60 rivals Apple.

But what kind of feedback do we get? What are examples of satisfied customers?

  1. Savings – “MACH’s energy analytics helped us save over $50,000 a year in power costs.”
  2. Make Your Job Easier – “The mobile app is so easy to use. Tenant meter billing used to take hours and now takes 40 minutes. No more Excel input!"
  3. Focus on making customers happy - "Great product with awesome support"


  1. We needed to communicate better about some features, like real-time data, which came up and has been available for more than a decade!  
  2. Some responses showed users grappling with their sustainability or ESG mandates (which we described in our last blog here.).  Another good reminder that energy analytics need to be intuitive and easy to use!
  3. NPS is simply one metric – a good score, or a bad score, isn’t make or break

We’ll continue to improve how we help you save money and time and make your job easier!  

Please let us know how we are doing - if you have comments or questions about our modern energy management software, please connect at