ESG: A Sustainable Trend - Updates from ULI Research

October 8, 2019
MACH attended the ULI conference in Washington D.C. in September. ULI is a thought leading organization with many lessons to impart, particularly from the annual ULI Emerging Trends report.

California Tariff Changes - Good news, bad news!

July 24, 2019
At MACH, our energy management software has always included a utility-grade tariff engine, so we thought it would be valuable to look at the potential impact so that enterprise and facility energy managers can include the utility TOU shift in their thinking.

The Facility Management Talent Shortage: The Industry Responds

May 3, 2019
Our recent white paper focused on facility management staffing and the potential shortage in talent. It’s a hot topic within the industry. While the number of available positions in the industry is growing, and appears it will grow in the future, there is increased concern about attracting new staff to address employer demand and replace retiring workers.

Tenant Billing Software - BMS vs. EMS

March 18, 2019
Hi, John Hobson here, new MACH Customer Operations Manager, based on the East Coast. As many of my previous projects have involved tenant billing through a BMS, and as MACH authored a BMS vs. EMS blog previously, the team suggested I write a “new eyes” update based on my experience.

Tenant billing in!

January 16, 2019
With demographic changes and recruiting challenges leading to leaner teams, many CRE owners, property managers, engineers etc. are looking to modernize an often antiquated tenant billing process.

Thanksgiving for Energy Star

November 20, 2018
As we discussed in our Energy Star white paper a year ago, many industry participants believed the Energy Star program was at risk, though now it seems to be going stronger than ever. It is great to see the industry collaborate to show the program’s value…what a difference a year makes!

Another Satisfied Customer: Lessons from Net Promoter Score

October 1, 2018
At MACH Energy, our goal has always been to provide our customers with a modern, intuitive energy management software in order to help commercial building management save time and money…and generally to make their job easier!

BOMA CRE Technology Trends: MACH Perspective

August 8, 2018
A recent white paper by the BOMA organization and Building Engines was presented at BOMA 2018 in San Antonio, TX. The thought provoking survey of 600 owners, managers and engineers looked at technology within the CRE industry.