How WellStat Helps You Get Your Building ENERGY STAR Certified

June 14, 2024
Achieving ENERGY STAR certification for your building is a significant milestone, demonstrating exceptional energy efficiency and a commitment to sustainability.

Beyond Four Walls: Wildfire Smoke Threatens IAQ

May 15, 2024
There is a lot to consider as an employer or building owner when it comes to protecting occupants within indoor environments. Are you really protected from the health risks of wildfire smoke?

Vape Detection in Schools: Ontario's New Initiative

May 6, 2024
Ontario recently announced increased funding to introduce vape detection in schools. But what really is vape detection?

Modernize your Tenant Billing Process with WellStat

March 18, 2024
WellStat has launched some new features to our Tenant Billing application to drive energy savings and increase tenant engagement.

Leverage RESET Standards on a Project with the Guidance of a RESET Accredited Professional

February 14, 2024
Learn how you can utilize a RESET AP to pursue your RESET Accreditation Project.

WellStat Named Winner of HVAC and IAQ Readers' Choice Award and More!

January 5, 2024
WellStat has been named a winner in 3 categories of the 2023 Reader's Choice Awards.

Winter Wellness: Strategies to Ensure Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings

December 1, 2023
Unlock a healthier and more productive winter indoor environment with these 10 strategies for optimal air quality in commercial buildings.

WellStat is an AHR Innovation Award Winner - IAQ

October 12, 2023
WellStat named IAQ category winner for the 2024 AHR Innovation Awards