Leverage RESET Standards on a Project with the Guidance of a RESET Accredited Professional

February 14, 2024
Learn how you can utilize a RESET AP to pursue your RESET Accreditation Project.

WellStat Named Winner of HVAC and IAQ Readers' Choice Award and More!

January 5, 2024
WellStat has been named a winner in 3 categories of the 2023 Reader's Choice Awards.

Winter Wellness: Strategies to Ensure Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings

December 1, 2023
Unlock a healthier and more productive winter indoor environment with these 10 strategies for optimal air quality in commercial buildings.

WellStat is an AHR Innovation Award Winner - IAQ

October 12, 2023
WellStat named IAQ category winner for the 2024 AHR Innovation Awards

Navigating Indoor Wellness into the Fall

September 22, 2023
Indoor air quality is affected by many factors. Let's look at what some of these are and ways to promote healthier IAQ.

WellStat Awarded in the 5th Annual Vision Awards

August 23, 2023
WellStat is awarded the Analytics & Management Software and Smart Building Awards.

What it Means for Buildings if NYC Considers IAQ Regulations

July 18, 2023
WellStat is your all-in-one solution to meet potential indoor air quality regulations. Measure, monitor and report on iAQ data points to ensure your tenants are in a safe and healthy environment.

WellStat: The First Truly Integrated Energy Management, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, and Occupancy Monitoring All Under a Single Platform

July 11, 2023
Introducing WellStat®, your first all-in-one air quality and occupancy monitoring system combined with the best technology in energy management.