Energy Management and Demand Response

Our Energy Management platform allows our customers to see and manage energy usage in real time. All energy usage is represented in dollars to point customers to where their expenses are coming from. Integrated with our demand response services, we help our customers get the most out of local demand response programs. We offer many different ways to process, visualize, and export your data to empower the intelligently run buildings of the future.

Building Energy Management System

Our powerful yet easy-to-use mobile and web applications provide actionable energy data analytics, deep insight into energy usage and costs, and customizable alerting. Please visit the pages below if you are interested in learning more about our innovative building management system.

Budgets & Variance Reporting

A more accurate energy budget is just two minutes away

Customizable Dashboard

The information you need, tailored to you

Demand Management

Avoid costly demand charges

Enterprise Management

Flexible reporting solutions to measure the KPIs that matter most to you


Your energy savings management program

Measurement & Verification (M&V)

A more accurate energy budget is just two minutes away

Threshold Alerting

Catch issues before they become serious

Utility-Grade Tariff Engine

Accurate energy cost calculations with detailed demand, energy, fixed, and tax charges

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