Air Quality Assurance for Commercial Spaces

WellStat is an indoor Air Quality + Energy Management platform used by building management teams to assure healthy air quality, lower operating costs, and increase operating revenue. With WellStat, customers can optimize their asset's performance while promoting a safer and healthier work environment.

Engineered for Buildings

With WellStat®, enterprise customers have the technology they need to deliver healthy and efficient decisions for their buildings. We provide a single, unified enterprise hardware, software, and mobile platform experience.

The WellStat difference:

  • OTA calibration and firmware updates
  • Maintenance free support
  • Customizable threshold alerting
  • Simple to connect
  • Security-first data infrastructure
  • UL Listed
  • RESET certified
  • US engineering and manufacturing
  • Modbus + BacNet Compatible
  • Duct or open space mountable

Points of Emphasis

Open API allows for shareable data
Vertically integrated
Customizable Alerts + Thresholds
Enterprise Scalable Hardware
Modbus + BACnet Compatible
Flexible Pricing Options
WellStat uses the highest caliber sensors available and maintains systemic accuracy through persistent, over-the-air calibration that never requires maintenance.  With WellStat, you can be assured that your monitoring systems are tested, calibrated, and always accurate, all the time.

The Only Unified Solution for Measuring Unseen Risk Factors

Easy, Secure Installation and Support

Providing peace of mind for the air inside

  • Always online
  • Remote calibration provides continuous accuracy and maintenance-free support calibrated, and accurate
  • OTA firmware updates ensures longevity of service and investment
  • Simple to connect, simple to use 
  • High data integrity, security-first infrastructure
  • Cellular solution isolates service from sensitive building networks
  • UL Listed
  • Innovation, engineering, and manufacturing located in the US
Support: Every client has access to expert customer technical service, engineers, and field support.

WellStat Monitors the Air by Breathing the Air.

WellStat is an all-in-one device that provides continuous, real-time monitoring with precision and accuracy. Plug-and-go technology works anywhere and never needs cleaning or maintenance.

Touch Screen

Allows for immediate.
local access to specific


Allows for immediate
local access to specific


Device communicate over-the-air (OTA) via radio-based signaling. No WiFi required.

Sensing Alert

Notifies that WellStat is
analyzing the environment

WellStat Devices
Work Together

As a commercial-grade system, WellStat devices are deployable across large, fragmented areas for reliable, scalable, system-wide monitoring. Our single platform system supports data, reporting, and integration options for buildings of any size and use..

Actionable Data at Your Fingertips

Included with every WellStat device is all the technology you need to monitor one or hundreds of devices at once. With system-wide reporting and analytics, you’ll know where and when actions are needed to improve the quality of air within your spaces.

Machine Learning Algorithms

WellStat devices are continuously monitored and calibrated in order to maintain hyper-accuracy. By performing this function remotely, you don’t have to clean or maintain your devices or worry about degradation. Every WellStat subscription program includes remote device calibration, firmware updates, and support.

Certified and Tested

Our products adhere to LEED certification, WELL Guidelines, ESG, and United States Energy Policy Acts and are FCC tested and UL Listed.

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