Tenant Billing

Our Tenant Billing Platform acts as either full or self-service. It enables customers to digitize manual and remote read billing meters. Readings are incorporated into the same software platform where energy and air quality information is stored, providing a comprehensive view of facility operations.

  • Maximize operating income and ROI
  • Customizable or lease-based tenant bills
  • Billing history available at your fingertips
  • Download/view tenant energy data with ease
  • Real-time tenant load analysis


Modernize Your Tenant Billing Process

For years, we have worked with our customers to identify and resolve issues regularly experienced with tenant billing. The result, MACH tenant billing is designed to provide you with flexibility by automating the entire billing process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.  In 2019, MACH’s tenant billing software was recognized as an Energy Manager Today Product of the Year!


Fully-automated meter reading utilizing trusted and reliable hardware.

Increase your cash flow and speed up billing by utilizing our tariff engine: know your previous month’s billed rates without having to wait for your utility bill.
Enhanced manual meter reading through our mobile app:
  • Catch errors at the point of entry with automatic validation
  • Take meter photos for audit support (optional)
  • Quickly enter readings in the app by scanning meter labels
  • Automatically transfer data for bill generation
Answer any tenant billing questions or audits in seconds with full reporting transparency available for your entire billing history.
Our tenant billing solutions are made with the intent to provide you with fast and accurate energy data analytics, as well as quick and efficient tenant billing processes so that you can spend more time focusing on other projects and energy conservation measures.

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