Budgets & Variance Reporting

A more accurate energy budget is just two minutes away.

Creating an energy budget can be a complex and time-consuming process. Accurate forecasts must account for the impacts of weather, operational changes, and energy prices in the coming year. WellStat has simplified this process with our building energy management software.

In less than two minutes, WellStat’s software uses deep machine learning analysis of how your building relates to the weather, season, occupancy, and changing operations to make detailed energy predictions. We overlay up–to–date energy pricing to provide precise dollar calculations for your budget. Alternatively, users can enter their own budget values into our system for ongoing tracking and variance reporting.

Quantifying Variance Impacts

Tenants move out, heat waves happen, and energy prices are volatile. When analyzing the bottom line, managers need answers related to these issues. WellStat’s energy tracking software’s variance reporting immediately informs you of budget differences and known causes for budget variances. We provide quantifiable cost and energy consumption impacts from these known causes, which show the true energy performance of an asset.


Over a decade of experience with constant refinements to our process to create accurate forecasts for the world’s most sophisticated operators
Variance reporting with detailed dollar impact of known differences such as weather, occupancy, and energy price changes.
Flexible budget and variance tracking solution that supports a WellStat-generated budget or a 3rd party’s budget.
Energy Advisor support to help you with all aspects of our budget requirements and ongoing reporting needs.
Budget tracking across accounts, assets, and portfolios.

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